nah, she didn't;

sunny. i collect books like people collect memories

[semi hiatus]

ginny weasley & blood, requested by redhead-ginny


i love the feeling of pre-winter, of the air getting colder and sweaters getting thicker and coffee getting warmer and friendships getting closer in preparation for the approaching frost (also birthday month birthday month)

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Whatever mode of transport you use to get there, be it by Train, Flying car, Thestral, Bike, Bus, Broom, or Blow yourself up like a Balloon -

May your journey to Hogwarts this September 1st for the beginning of term, be safe, calm & uneventful.

Unless you’re Harry Potter - and then you’re screwed! (x)


why did white people have to appropriate tea now when I talk about drinking chai I sound like some weeboo john green reading hippy nerd

Title: Harlem
Artist: New Politics
Played: 532 times


365 day music challenge - day 16 - a song that makes you happy

"when it gets loud i turn it up / shake it like a bad girl up in harlem"

The Weasleys and their jumpers (Bill and Charlie excluded,sorry!) 


people who are mean to animals deserve to be itchy forever

    Percy Jackson vs. Hercules

  • Hercules: Yeah, I'm a demigod, child of the Big Three,
  • Percy: Oh, yeah? Me too.
  • Hercules: Well, when I was just a baby I strangled to snakes with my bare hands.
  • Percy: Ah, I know what you mean. My mum freaked when I did that.
  • Hercules: I fought the Nemean Lion.
  • Percy: No way! Same. I was, what, fourteen?
  • Hercules: I've fought a hydra.
  • Percy: Dude, same. Although I wouldn't have been able to kill it without Clarisse, but still.
  • Hercules: I hunted down Artemis' sacred deer,
  • Percy: Oh, my friend did that. Chasing deer isn't really my thing though.
  • Hercules: Oh, well... ahh... I fought this massive boar once.
  • Percy: I think I fought it's girlfriend! It was a couple of days before I fought Kronos.
  • Hercules: *sweats nervously* This one time, I had to clean this stable that hadn't been cleaned for thousands of years,
  • Percy: Riiiiight. I heard a nymph helped you with that? I used my own powers. *raises eye brow*
  • Hercules: I --
  • Percy: Dude, I could go all day.
  • Hercules: *flustered* I fought AMAZONS -
  • Percy: Been there.
  • Hercules: The minotaur --
  • Percy: Done that. I was twelve.
  • Hercules: I... uh... I've... been to the Underworld and back!!
  • Percy: Man, I am sooo sick of that place. Been there like four times.
  • Herucles: Uhhhh... I... *heavy breathing*
  • Percy: Well, we done here?
  • Hercules: *triumphant grin* I WAS OFFERED IMMORTALITY.
  • Percy: Yeah, I turned mine down because I liked this girl...
  • Hercules: *jumps into the river Styx*


I genuinely don’t know what to say to people who hate ABBA like

if you change your mind

I’m the first in the line

i was in the grocery store with my dad and we met someone we hadn’t seen in a long time and she told me “you’ve lost weight!!!!” like 1. i’ve never been like “fat” and i really haven’t (except maybe baby fat??) lost any weight and even if i had who cares why is that the first thing you say to me and 2. i am a 14 year old girl

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Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

dark times.